Photo by Arum

Born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1980. Living in Nuremberg, Germany since 1999, where I have spent a lot of time on the streets from 2006 until now.

Lonely, alienated and frustrated – these feelings may emerge when people live in a foreign country. At first, it was only a feeling, then, it encouraged me to express my feelings through photography. I often see those things around me; those kinds of feelings were not just experienced by a foreigner like me.

Street photography has a great influence to my work. I believe that when we are standing on the street we can explore our imaginations, social responsibility and of course sharpen our eyes and heart.

As long as the wheel of life is spinning around, we will not run out of idea. As time goes by, and I realize, things we have been through, things we have done, in fact, can result a piece of work. Creating work can be carried out everywhere, anytime. It does not depend on time and place.

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